GAZA MON AMOUR (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Arab Nasser – Tarzan Nasser

Composer Andre Matthias

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd


Selection 2020: Venice Festival, TIFF, Hamburg Film Festival, Chicago Int Film ….


Gaza, today. Sixty-year-old fisherman Issa is secretly in love with Siham, a woman who works at the market with her daughter Leila. When he discovers an ancient phallic statue of Apollo in his fishing nets, Issa hides it, not knowing what to do with this mysterious and potent treasure. Yet deep inside, he feels that this discovery will change his life forever. Strangely, his confidence starts to grow and eventually he decides to approach Siham.


"With this film, as with our previous work, we seek to give a glimpse of everyday life on this small piece of land called Gaza. It is a strange place, where the simplest situations can turn out to be immensely complicated. While stuck in this gloomy situation, our protagonist sees life differently. Issa is a romantic and, despite the conservative traditions of his country, despite his age, despite the endless political problems, he makes a stand for the right to love, which makes him a true resistant. The tone of the film may be funny, dark or even bitter at times, but above all it is tender and melancholic, just like Issa and Siham. The most beautiful stories are sometimes the simplest."

Director Arab Nasser – Tarzan Nasser


The idea for the music of “Gaza Mon Amour“ was to paint Issa, our hero, with classical sophistication and style. My score had to be whimsical and melancholic, yet not sad. All semblance of suspense was to be excised and one track was even required to contain “no information.” Almost like sound design, yet music, seamlessly merging with the film. There is not much music in this film, but we took great care to make each occurence special.

Tarzan and Arab Nasser know exactly what they want, and they don't rest until they get it. It is to their credit that my music evolved way beyond my original proposals.

Funnily enough, our album now contains more music than the film itself. I decided to include some of the more relevant unused variations and also created some additional material by re-combining elements from our different mixes. It is now both a soundtrack and a concept album, a testament to collaboration and an ode to Issa and his love.

Andre Matthias


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