BACURAU Notes about the Original Score

The music produced by brothers Mateus Alves and Tomaz Alves Souza for the feature film Bacurau seeks to explore the collective feel of the village which gives the film its name—its inhabitants and customs—through orchestration and musical themes which evoke Brazil’s northeast, where the film takes place, while at the same time conveying the menace that this village faces, in an indeterminate future time, filled with analog noise and synthesized retro sounds.

Director’s Notes

Juliano Dornelles: "Each piece of music has its inherent logic. It can mark the start of a new chapter or foreshadow something very strange happening. We have a lot of original music, as well as songs that are part of Brazilian or international culture. The musicians, Mateus Alves and Tomaz Alves Souza are very talented brothers. They experimented with lots of different ideas before we selected the tracks that are in the film. The score was kept in quarantine for a long time. We tested it out in various ways. It's a good idea to think about the music at an early stage, when you're writing. It's dangerous not to give it time to filter through. That can result in regrets. We had songs in the script that didn't make it out of the editing room, for example."

Kleber Mendonça Filho: "Mateus and Tomaz are cinephiles with very different styles. They mixed up a cocktail of Geraldo Vandré, Jerry Goldsmith and something electronic, and we really liked it. I have to admit that it was also a real pleasure to be able to buy the rights to such a powerful piece as Night by John Carpenter, one of the directors who most made me want to make movies. The greatest challenge for the music in the movie is knowing when to shut up, which often happens with me. When you embrace the genre with all its narrative twists and turns, it's better to have music. And when it all comes together, it's very beautiful."