THE EVIL DEAD: A NIGHTMARE REIMAGINED. Music by Joe LoDuca. All new artwork by original EVIL DEAD Poster artist Graham Humphreys. MondoCon edition Tri-Color Swirl (Snot Green, Red Swirl & Pink Splatters). Limited to 500 copies. Beyond Fest edition (Green, Blue and Black splatter). Limited to 500 copies. Housed in a Necronomicon slip case and featuring a booklet containing liner notes from Composer Joe LoDuca, Producer Robert Tapert & Star Bruce Campbell. Download card included. Expected to Ship in October 2019. Ships Worldwide. $40
One of the most legendary horror scores ever gets recorded and reinvented for 2018. Joe LoDuca went back to the drawing board to fully re-record and expand his original score to THE EVIL DEAD with absolutely terrifying results. This record manages to keep the essence and familiarity of the original score yet feels completely new and exciting due to the addition of all new music combining the classic and the contemporary.

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Charles Bernstein. Artwork by Mike Saputo. Pressed on 180 Gram "Freddy's Sweater" Red with Green Stripe colored vinyl. Expected to Ship in October 2019. Ships Worldwide. $30
Charles’s Berstein’s score to the 1984 horror-classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is not only a classic of the genre but also one of the most memorable scores of the 1980's. A mix of creepy synths, off-kilter nursery rhymes and heavy rhythmic percussion filtered with just enough distortion to offer up a real sense of dread.
We are thrilled to be releasing Wes Craven’s original NIGHTMARE as a standalone release (Box Of Souls our 8XLP box set is still available) this score is sure to give you nightmares, just remember whatever you do…don't fall asleep.
Available on 180 Gram "Freddy's Sweater" Red with Green Stripe colored vinyl.