What would happen if someone spy your mail? This is what a wild and over the lines group of characters will discover in a claustrophobic atmosphere and over the lines. When a reassuring place as a post office turns into a nightmare, the only way to get out of it is to test yourself: secrets kept jealously will pop up while Good and Bad become increasingly difficult to recognize.

Notes from the composer

I met director Marco Pollini through writer Debora Scalzo. Marco told me about a thriller in preparation for the title "Pop Black Posta". The story was captivating: A woman kidnaps some people inside a post office, apparently without a reason. Only at the end the motivations, and the anger that had pushed her to make this gesture, to the extreme consequences, will be understood. Marco Pollini did a great job with the actors and the film manages to communicate fear, anguish, despair but also hope. In previous years I had already had the opportunity to work for captivating thriller movies, such as "Giallo" by Dario Argento, for which I had won three awards, "Colour from the Dark" by Ivan Zuccon, "Jack Attack" by Bryan Norton and Antonio Padovan , "Mr Hush" by David Lee Madison, "The Inflicted" by Matthan Harris and "Native" by John Real (for which I won the italian "Golden Globe"). This was therefore another interesting opportunity to write a film score that could again communicate strong emotions. As you know, there are two schools of thought for thriller soundtracks, the first is based on a symphonic orchestral music, the second on an experimental electronic music. In this film I tried to merge the two schools of thought together, mixing the "Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra" with disturbing electronic sounds, to wrap the viewer and make him more involved in this compelling storyline. We went with the director to Sofia, together with sound engineer Marco Streccioni and his assistant Gabriele Conti, and we recorded the orchestra with a mix of digital sounds synchronized with the images. Alessia’s theme, for piano and strings, is the cornerstone of this soundtrack and is linked to the protagonist, played by actress Antonia Truppo. In a second moment I asked my collaborator Federico Ricci to write an additional music theme for the final scenes, to enrich the existing musical themes and introduce new thematic material. We recorded all the music in 5.1. at the studio "Stone Recording Studio" in Rome and the final mix of dialogues, music and sound effects was done by Gianfranco Tortora at the studios "Il Suono del Sud". We worked hard to find a balance between the various components of the soundtrack and the right volume between music and sound effects.
I am delighted to have worked again with Jacques Dejean and “Plaza Mayor”, with whom I had already had the chance to team up for the action/thriller "Dead on Time".