Dubois Records edita el score de Maurizio Malagnini para la serie "Call the midwife"

1. Summer Is Coming (2m 33sec) - Maurizio Malagnini & Peter Salem
  2. The Miracle (4m 16sec)
  3. Three Steps From the Sky (3m 19sec)
  4. The Rain (2m 22sec)
  5. Dr Turner's Diagnosis (3m 34sec)
  6. She Wants to Live (2m 4sec)
  7. The Passage to Eternity (1m 56sec)
  8. The Moment I Lost You (1m 25sec)
  9. Lucille's Theme (1m 41sec)
  10. Dr Turner Is Saving a Life (2m 46sec)
  11. Tom and Barbara's Engagement (1m 18sec)
  12. Love Theme for Tom and Barbara (2m 36sec)
  13. The Wedding (1m 26sec)
  14. Barbara's Last Journey (4m 28sec)
  15. The True Meaning of Love (3m 52sec)
  16. Losing a Baby (3m 45sec)
  17. Cynthia's Theme (1m 15sec)
  18. The Soul of Mary (1m 20sec)
  19. Cynthia Descends Into Darkness (1m 56sec)
  20. Nurse Crane's Heart (1m 17sec)
  21. A Father Is Forever (6m 51sec)
  22. Hope for a Better Future (3m 2sec)
  23. The Caress of a Mother (4m 22sec)
  24. The Turners (0m 50sec)
  25. Shelagh Gives Birth (1m 42sec)
  26. The Hidden Side of Trixie (4m 51sec)
  27. We Will Be Memories (2m 55sec)
  28. The Adventure of Life (3m 23sec) - Maurizio Malagnini & Peter Salem
  29. Call the Midwife Theme Tune (0m 54sec) - Peter Salem