Milan Records edita "Woody Allen & Music - From Manhattan to Magic in the Moonlight" de varios artistas

Información de la edición en inglés:

Woody Allen is part of this directors family for which music is accorded a central role in their films. As a jazz musician, Woody Allen had a particular relationship with music all along his career. This partly explains the inimitable ambiance and the poetry of all his films.
This double album recounts this relationship from “Manhattan” and New York jazz to one of his latest movies, “Magic in the Moonlight”, going through “The Purple Rose of Cairo” and “Match Point”. These about fifteen films offer an extraordinary musical palette. This album is a true musical vademecum for the modern men and women. From Verdi to Philip Glass, from American Jazz tenors to Latino rhythms ones, it reflects this cosmopolitanism always reflected by cinema. We can hear Billy holiday answering to Caruso, Fred Astaire to Joséphine Baker, Gershwin to Armstrong and Giulia y los Tellarini to Carmen Miranda. From Manhattan to Barcelona, going through London and Paris, a wonderful musical cheek to cheek, a Rhapsodie in Blue for the world!